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Thiago Brazil
Hey! i really apreciate your work and all you've done! i'm fan of your work! i'm writing a book and you are the protagonist! hope one day you can read it and feel exactly how i'm feeling writing it!
i'm just one more fan.
12 April 2011 - spain

Dennis Daryl Shamblin
You have a wonderful website. Please read mine.
22 November 2010 - Weatherford Oklahoma

Webmaster comments  
I don't have a garden or I would ask you for a tobacco seed.


Esther M.Williams
I first saw you in A family Thanksgiving,I was very impressed.I have written a book called Point Harbor Lights set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.You are perfect for the part of one of my Characters,Tom.I have been getting great reviews and when it becomes a movie I want you for the part.
14 November 2010 - North Carolina USA

Dan, you're a sensative actor with immense talent capable of playing very difficult, taboo subjects. Now, get out there and show the world how versatile you are. How about some D H Lawrence.either of the leads in "Women In Love", or "The Gypsy". You'd be great.
6 November 2010 - Baltimore Maryland

Jim Gratian
You are not only a great actor,
you are hot.
30 August 2010 - Philadephia, P

Jim Nolan
Dan: You were awesome in
Mulligans. A great, sensitive actor.
30 August 2010 - Philadephia, P

Patrick Bailey
Too pretty to be straight. I have noticed that you like to play monsters in a lot of your roles and your character in Mulligans does match a monster. Monster in the since that most married men who are in the closet are always in the dark lying to themselves first and then everyone else making them angry resentful humans. When the monster is forced to come out into the light he is changed into something beautiful, you did a great job at playing this role Dan, but I still wish you were gay so we could date.
9 August 2010 - Cape Coral Florida

Vavo Krieck
Just dropping by to say that your performance in "Mulligans" was very good indeed!
Hope to see you more often on the big screen.
You are an art lover. a quality I admire in people!
29 May 2010 - Brazil

Tom C
Now that I have seen Mulligans, I want to see more of you. You are not only a beautiful man, you have a glow. You can just tell that you are a good person and it translates well when you are on camera. You can just tell that you are a good person. I think that your bio said that you are married. If that is true, your wife is a lucky woman.
3 March 2010 - Ohio

Great stuff Dan. If you are ever interested in taking acting classes.
1 March 2010 - Los Angeles, CA

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